You Matter

It’s time you start loving yourself a lot more than you do right now. I don’t believe that you give yourself enough credit. Living, in a whole will be the hardest thing you will ever had to do, and if you are reading this right now, then you are doing one heck of a job. If you don’t hear it as often as you should, I am proud of you. Whether you are religious or not, your life has a plan for you and little plot twist coming up; it all works out for the best.  

You’re scared, and you’re not scared of the darkness, you are scared of the light and how powerful you are. You are scared to succeed, and there is nothing enlightened about tearing yourself down so that you can make other people feel better about themselves. You matter. 

I don’t believe you even processed that so allow me to repeat myself. 

You matter. 

Okay, lets try this one more time, and don’t read it like it is something that doesn’t matter. 

Because, you matter. 




Stop telling yourself otherwise because it’s not only hurting you, it’s hurting the ones that love you most. There is a reason that we have health care plans, safety regulations, and laws. It’s because you matter to the world, otherwise we would’ve just made a self destructive environment for everyone. Now for the last time, and I apologize ahead of time, but pardon my French. 


You fucking matter. 


And don’t worry, I wrote this for me too.