Overthinking is natural, and it’s healthy. Thinking about the way people think and do things isn’t stating that you are crazy, it’s stating that you are conscious and unselfish about others. It’s truly fascinating to know if someone does something differently than you, and it can sometimes change your life. There is always a different and unique way to go about something and I wouldn’t be so quick to judge yourself in the sense that you’re wrong, because you’re not. I’ve always thought that these little things would change my life, and I would never fit in. And I happened to think about that until the day where I just had a huge breakdown and I couldn’t think for myself. It was then when I realized that I was going to shape into the human that I’ve always intended to be, and that’s me. One day it will come for you too, please hang in there. And don’t worry, everybody still picks their nose, you’re not weird.