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Growing Up

Growing up I always had an issue with having confidence in myself, and till this day it still remains an issue. I am constantly comparing myself to my competitors, my friends and even my family. My brother was always the one to succeed; he’s a very talented artist and successful industrial designer.  My Mom because of all the hard work she put into the family, and how happy she was just because of the little things. Even with my Dad, he’s a very skilled man who can do all the stereotypical manly things that I could never do. I have come to believe that the main source of my lack of confidence is mainly coming from jealousy. It’s not that I can’t be an artist, or I can’t be happy, or I can’t be manly, it’s because I can’t do it the way they can. Everyone does everything differently, and it took me till this day to realize it. 

The littlest things people do differently and I am constantly thinking about every single thing and how people do it. Till the age of 18, I was worried about the way I peed.. Yes, the way I urinated. I know it sounds silly, but what if I did it wrong, imagine how silly that would make me and how humiliating it would be. Joey Kidney, the guy that pees funny. I don’t think it will go over well when I’m trying to approach my next date.