Compliments can destroy a person, even more than negative remarks can. If you have the slightest lie in your compliment, you are absolutely guilty of ruining someone in the worst way possible. You are giving them false hope, and  I believe we receive enough of that in today’s society. For example, as your plane is crashing, simply remove the seat cushion that you are currently sitting on, to use as a floatation device. Also, to receive oxygen, use the mask that drops in front of all. All while pulling, lifting, and throwing a one hundred pound door out of the aircraft while falling a thousand feet per second. Ironically enough, as i am currently writing this, i am sitting on a plane in an exit row, slightly panicking knowing that I will not be able to perform those tasks under the anxious and stressful time of falling to my death. 

The worst type of compliment is online comments about appearance. At the time, you think that it is lovely that you are complimenting someone on the filter on their picture that make their brown eyes look blue, and their pale skin look tan. Their yellow crooked teeth, look shiny white and straight. Yet when you see them in person, you fail to compliment them on those same attributes. Never give someone a compliment that you will never tell them in person. Unless they are your enemy and they ruined your contour, but even then, as least just say their Instagram theme is not on fleek. 

Now I believe it is time for me to tell you something, that even if I saw you in person, i will repeat word for word directly to you. Ladies and gentlemen, proceed reading with caution knowing that you may blush immensely and love yourself even more. You can now continue reading. 

First off, YOU are lovely. YOU are the most beautiful you there is. YOU are the nicest you that will ever walk this earth. YOU are the most perfect you. YOU are YOU and I love everything about you, and I believe that you should too. The way you make someone feel when you smile, the way you give someone butterflies. It’s the way you make your parents proud and they brag about you. it’s the way you are always there for your friends no matter what has or will happen. It’s the way you are the most perfect you there is, and yes I know I already said it, but I know that you already forgot about reading it and it is the most important part of this whole paragraph. You should never forget it, so allow me to remind you again. 

you are the most perfect you.

YOU are the most perfect YOU.

YOU are the most PERFECT YOU.